Which hand do you tie a Rakhi on?

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Which hand do you tie a Rakhi on?

Answer: The Rakhi is tied on the right hand wrist. On the very day of the Raksha Bandhan (or Rakhi festival), sisters are expected to apply tilak on their brother’s forehead before tying the sacred thread hereby referred to as rakhi on her brother’s Right Hand Wrist.

The thread on the right hand’s wrist represent sister’s love and well-being of her brother. Prior to tying the rakhi, the sister does a ritual known as Aarti which involves lighting a candle and moving it round her brother’s face while at the same time narrating prayers and well wishes for the brother.

In return, the brother is expected to promise that he will protect his sister in all circumstances. To add on this, the brother hugs and hands over whichever gift that he bought for his sister as a sign of family love.

On some occasion, the priest also ties an amulet on the right wrist. According to traditional beliefs, this is used in the protection against imbalance as well as guarding against depression.

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