Who was Saint Kabir?

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Who was Saint Kabir?

Saint Kabir was one of the revolutionary Bhakti Gurus who wanted to change the socio-religious system. He was probably a contemporary of Ibrahim Lodi (1489-1517 AD). He was an ardent devotee of practical Bhakti cult.

The philosophy of Saint Kabir was an amalgamation of Vaishnava cult of Brahma, Vajrajana philosophy and monism of Islam. He led a life of a domestic devotee and was strongly against priestly rituals, casteism, and communalism. He respected both Allah and Rama and believed that true faith could be attained by purity and genuineness of spirit and not by pilgrimage, scholarship and rigid penance of religious rites.

Saint Kabir had both Hindu and Muslim followers and was adored by all. His followers were known as Kabirpanthis.

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