Who was Sant Kabir Das?

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Who was Sant Kabir Das?

Sant Kabir Das was the most notable disciple of the Bhakti Saint Ramananda. He was a great poet of Bhakti Movement.

Nothing definitely is known about Kabir’s date of birth and his parentage. He condemned caste distinctions and the supremacy of the priestly class.

Kabir Das was conversant with Hindu and Muslim religious ideas and preached for communal harmony between the Hindus and the Muslims. He described the Hindus and the Muslims ‘as pots made out of the same clay.”

The major works of Kabir Das includes Sakhi Granth, Kabir Granthawali, Anurag Sagar and Bijak.

To him, Ram and Rahim (Allah), temple and mosque were the same.

Sant Kabir Das sang his dohas in Braj Bhasha, a colloquial form of Hindi language. His followers are called Kabir ­Panthis.

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