Why Acquisition of Knowledge is so Important in Student Life?

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Why Acquisition of Knowledge is so Important in Student Life?

Human being is higher and nobler than the beasts of the field by virtue of his mind. If, then, the mind is left in a state of ignorance, we are no better than beasts. Therefore, we must acquire knowledge, for knowledge is power. You will find this out for yourselves as you learn more, and get older.

Students go to schools chiefly to get knowledge. The teacher teaches them many useful things. As a student, you should use all your opportunities to learn.

As you grow old, you will not have the time and the conveniences, nor the aptitude for learning. You will then have to work hard, do something or other to keep yourself and others dependent on you. Can you then be going to school? Secondly, your mind after a certain age cannot receive new ideas. Can you make an impression on a piece of rock as you can on a piece of clay? A young man’s brain is like clay, an old man’s like rock.

However, why does not every boy learn equally well? The teacher sets the same lessons for all. He does not teach one boy more, another less.

The first reason is perhaps, that some boys are born very intelligent; they are very quick in catching things; others are not. Nevertheless, this is not the reason always.

Even if a boy is born dull, he can make himself intelligent by his exertion. By constant exercise, the mind becomes keen. What, therefore, is wanted is the strong desire to learn.

You must have earnestness. Many boys and girls attend school in a dreamy manner. They are indifferent to what is done in the class. They do not exert themselves to the fullest degree. Hence, they become dull.

Now, it is not in your power to be born a genius; but it is quite possible for you to study earnestly, to apply yourself diligently to your books, to work hard and to succeed.

All the fine things we have our buildings our carriages, our clothes, our foods – we owe to knowledge of various kinds. Knowledge is therefore power; it enables us to do ever so many things by virtue of which call ourselves civilized beings.

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