Why Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health?

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Why Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health?

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Although a sagacious consensus rings today throughout the world against the habit of smoking, many people, indifferent to their personal health hazards, still indulge in smoking.

People continue to smoke in spite of the statutory warning of its dangerous effects. It is for all these fatal results that in many countries, it has become compulsory for the cigarette manufacturing companies to print a warning on every packet that ‘Smoking is dangerous for health’ or ‘Smoking is injurious to health”, etc.

In spite of the warning forced upon to be issued by the manufactures themselves, the consumers keep consuming the danger even at the risk of their lives. And cigarettes continue to be manufactured, stocked and sold the world over.

Reason why you should quit smoking is given below in points:

  1. The habit of smoking, in any form, is injurious to health, but smoking cigarettes is even more detrimental to public health.
  2. Smoking inevitably induces or tends to develop diseases like, sore throat and coughing, asthma and congestion of lungs, and cancer.
  3. Smoking is harmful to the direct smoker and to his non-smoker associates and to women even. These non-smokers passively inhale the smoke of cigarettes.
  4. The tobacco-nicotine, inhaled constantly is a sure way of slow-poisoning. In this way, even the passive smokers cannot escape the bad effects of smoking cigarette.
  5. Smoking should also be given up as it involves the unnecessary loss of money. The price of cigarettes is always on the rise and it also constitutes a sure way of wastage of money. The same money can be used to buy fruits and other healthy beverages.
  6. Cigarette smoking develops as a kind of addiction. They cannot live without having a cigarette at them.

Conclusion: The smokers who give it up can enjoy different benefits. They can eliminate all the elements of risk which smoking involves. They can then live a better and safer life.

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