Why do we celebrate Holi Festival?

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Why do we celebrate Holi Festival?

Holi is a festival that takes place in the spring. It has roots in the Hindu religion. Holi is celebrated in India and Nepal.

Holi festival is also known as the Festival of Colours. This is because it is characterized by colourful paints and clothing. Another name for Holi is the Festival of Sharing Love.

Why do we celebrate Holi? We celebrate Holi festival for numerous reasons. This famous festival marks Hindus annual victory over evil, the beginning of the spring season and also as a Thanksgiving day for a good harvest.

  1. Celebrating virtues: Holi is celebrated to rejoice in the ability of good to vanquish evil.
  2. Welcoming spring: Celebrations also take place as a way of welcoming the arrival of spring.
  3. To heal our relationships: Holi is, moreover, celebrated because it is an opportunity to heal our relationships with others. This festival provides an opportunity to forgive and forget, to reconnect with old friends, and to strengthen our relationships with our loved ones.
  4. Religious: In terms of the Hindu religion, Holi is celebrated due to the tale of Lord Vishnu and Bhakt Prahlad and Holika. There was demoness was called Holika, and this is where the festival of Holi gets its name from. She had a blanket that was immune from fire. Bhakt Prahlad, a devotee of Lord Vishnu, was trickled to sit on burning pyre, along with demoness Holika. However, Bhakt Prahlad came out of the fire safely.

Conclusion: Holi is a wonderful festival to experience and you do not need to be a Hindu to take part.

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