Why is Lotus (Kamal ka Phool) National Flower of India?

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Why is Lotus (Kamal ka Phool) National Flower of India?

Lotus (also Kamal ka Phool) is the National Flower of India. Why?

Well, India has always been a land of great poets and thinkers. A poet creates a thing of beauty. But beauty alone is not enough. It must have smell, too. That is a beautiful thing must also be useful. Only then can a thing of beauty be a joy forever.

Lotus is known as ‘Kamal ka Phool” in Hindi. Our lotus shows the way. It is born in a dirty place. Nothing can be dirtier than mud and moss. But this mud cannot make the lotus dirty. In short, lotus lives in the mud and yet out of the mud. This is the wisest way of living. Our lotus stands for the Indian way of living. This is why lotus is our nation flower.

According to Indian philosophy, the world is a dirty place. Man has to live and act in this world, but at the same time this dirty place must not make him dirty. If you live in a dirty place it will make you dirty. What should be done, then? You cannot leave the dirty place. Where will you fly to? The whole world is dirty. So, the only course open is to live wisely. You have to live in a way that the dirty place may not touch you.

Though, Lotus is found in dirty place, it always keeps itself away from the dirt.

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