Why is Science Important?

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Why is Science Important?

This is an age of science. We all enjoy the fruits of science. A modern man minus science is a non-entity. He uses the gifts of science every moment.

In fact, science makes his daily life smooth, easy-going and convenient. It also makes him intellectually sound and strong.

Scientific study helps him to judge everything in the light of reason. False beliefs no longer rule his life. He becomes free from dogmas.

Science provides him with the things of daily use. The following examples explain the importance of science in everyday life.

  • People can’t go without electricity.
  • People moves from one place to another with the help of vehicles. They read books, newspapers, etc.
  • TV. and radio entertains him, computer lessens the manual work.
  • Internet and fax transmits communication in the swiftest time possible.
  • Air-conditioner and refrigerator are ready to serve us in hot summer.
  • Medical science with wonderful inventions lessens the pain in times of ailment.

All this explains why a man of today is fond of the study of science

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