Why Science is a Blessing to Us?

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Why Science is a Blessing to Us?

Science is a blessing to us. In human life, science has made many things simple. Science has invented so many things life sewing machine, refrigerators, household utility materials which are very much useful to the housewives.

Radio, televisions has made the worlds very improved of thinking and understanding. These blessings of science have made the world closer to all our countrymen.

Science has brought many changes in our daily life in and around us. No area of activity has been left untouched by the invention of science. Science so has revolutionized every man’s life.

Due to the blessings of science man has aware of the reasons and causes of those natural phenomena which is important to us.

Thanks to the scientists whose intense study and researches made the mankind so comfort and pleasure. So, at present we are no longer in dark about the mysteries of nature. We can expect that our forefathers may come here to join in the comfortable daily life. It is a special pleasure to us nowadays.

Discovery of fire made the mankind protected against wild animals and provided the light in darkness and mainly not to eat raw flesh as like past days.

The blessings of science can also be seen in the field of transportation. The modern modes of transportation has destroyed the barriers of time and distance. The invention of engine, cars and buses made the distance area closer. Human beings can fly in the air. Aero-plane made the world very nearer to us. Railway made the travels lovers to move throughout the country, and people to travel from country to country by water transport facilities on very cheap cost from a continent to another continent.

Science has already helped to travel in space. Man has landed on the moon and some planets.

The message communication system through phones, telegrams and recently by fax and by e-mails made us favourable and happy to communicate in a very quick and short period of time. Now we get the help of pagers for the better communication systems. It is also a gift of science.

Several important work done in the field of Microbiology and in the fields of special medicine to get rid of many fatal diseases. Even artificial limbs, and organs are available to replace and also to newly main organs. It also can be said that different types of natural deficiencies are corrected by oral intakes of vitamins and also of minerals. Science has also given eyes to the blind peoples and also for the deaf peoples. Surgery and X-rays and microscopes also simplified the complications of treatment. E.C.G., etc. had made the dying people alive at present.

On the other hand daily life made simple in cooking due to innovation of cookers, oven, and liquid gas as fuel purpose. The discovery of electricity made the speed in life and also in different machines. Sewing machines, Radio, T.V. etc. made the life charming. Young boys enjoy this very much.

Anyone can go about the charming situations of science but mainly all of them use to take the fruits of science all over the word. So fits of science is to be recalled still now and all in the coming future.

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