Why should we Love and Respect our Parents?

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Why should we Love and Respect our Parents?

Our parents are the first people with whom we come into contact. Our indebtedness to them is very great. Our very body we owe to them. How can we ever repay all the tender love and anxious care with which they watch us in our infancy and rear us in our childhood?

A mother’s love is immeasurable and the child can never adequately return it. Every mother is ready to sacrifice herself for the good of her mothering.

The parents love is most unselfish. We should love and respect such people that we should never do anything that would cause pain to such fond hearts? Yet, many boys and girls disregard the commandments of their parents, tell them lies, and cause them irreparable grief.

At first disobedience, may not be in serious matters nor deliberate, but it is very culpable and dangerous. In the beginning, it is generally accompanied with falsehood. However, how disgraceful and cowardly is it to tell lies to a trusting mother or a generous father?

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