Why Should We Obey Our Parents?

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Why Should We Obey Our Parents?

We should obey our parents and show them proper respect. Our patents love us dearly, and are always prepared to sacrifice their enjoyments, comforts nay their lives for our sake.

They supplied us with food and clothing and took every care of us when we were young and helpless. They took care of us when we were very young. Hence, we should always feel grateful to them and love them, and be ready to do all we can for their happiness.

The responsibilities of parents do not end with simply supplying their children with food and clothing. Their chief duty is to educate them and train up their minds properly with a view to form their character. They watch with keen interest the progress that their children make in then studies.

Such being the solicitude of the parents for their children’s welfare, strict obedience to them is the least that can be expected from children.

Napoleon Bonaparte used to say ‘First obey and then command’.

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