Why should we Protect the Weak?

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Why should we Protect the Weak?

The protection of the weak is, perhaps, the most sacred of the duties we owe to others. It is that which makes us truly human, and helps to develop all our higher and nobler faculties of action.

In fact, the test of strength lies not in your ability to oppress the weak, but in your power to protect them.

A noble fellow regards his strength and possessions. He utilizes it properly. Great men in every nation have been many who would rather die than surrender a fugitive.

Another reason why we should protect the weak is that the latter also contribute to our well-being and happiness. If we do not look to their safety, our own interests will suffer.

We look to those above us for help. If we think we deserve to be helped by others, we should be prepared to help others who need us.

In the last resort, we all pray to God to bless us and to relieve us of our sufferings. Should we not then mitigate, as far as lies in our power, the sufferings of those who are weaker than we are? As Shakespeare says, ‘We all do pray for mercy, and that same prayer doth teach us all to render the deeds of mercy,

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