World Water Day-March 22

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World Water Day-March 22

The three most essential things for Humans to survive on this planet may be easily identified as Air, Water, and Food.  As our population increased, the pressure to tap more and more resources also increased which lead to the overuse and exploitation of all Natural resources. As a result of this human greed over centuries, today, communities across the world face acute water shortages and air pollution. Today, we are left with a crisis where over 663 million people are living without a safe water supply close to their homes, spending countless hours queuing or trekking to distant sources and trying to cope up with the health impacts of using contaminated water.

World Water Day is a United Nations Initiative and is all about educating our society about the preciousness of water and taking action to tackle the water crisis. It is an annual event celebrated every year on March 22. The day focuses attention on the importance of freshwater and advocates for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. World Water Day is also used to highlight required improvements for access to water, sanitation, hygiene facilities in developing countries. Every year the awareness campaign will be on a specific theme. This year’s focus is on reducing the wastage of water.

This world is not only for us. This is also for our future generations. It’s important that we not only live here but also leaves a warm and fresh environment for our future generations. We, as students, can also play our part in building up this awareness among the society. Today let’s declare that water is as precious as Gold and we will not waste it unnecessarily. Let’s encourage water conservation techniques like rain water harvesting and water recycling for sanitation and gardening. Let’s be vigilant about water pollution. Let’s not allow our freshwater bodies to be used at Dump yards for waste. It’s the responsibility of every citizen around the globe to be a part of this exercise so that we can make this world a better place.

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