Write a Fundraising Letter (ENGLISH LETTER WRITTING)

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Write a Fundraising Letter


Sample Letter 1



When have you, or someone you love, last ridden in an ambulance? Never, I hope. But if you have needed an ambulance, I’m glad it was there for you. If any of us ever need an ambulance in the future, I’m sure we would all like it to be up-to-date, with all the equipment needed to save lives and stabilize patients on their way to the Emergency Room.


I am one of Springfield city’s emergency medical technicians (EMTs). We undergo ongoing training to make sure that we are able to meet the needs of the people we serve. We are all volunteers and are glad to be able to help people when they are in trouble, but we do need your help.


Currently, our city needs a new ambulance and new equipment for its two existing ambulances. Those few minutes before we reach the emergency room can make the difference between life and death, and we want to give the very best care we can. With this new equipment, we can offer world-class emergency care for our patients.


Will you help? We would appreciate your donation of $25, or whatever you feel you can afford. Most donations should be tax deductible.


Please make your check payable to the Springfield Hospital Foundation Ambulance Fund. I have enclosed an envelope for your convenience.



Sample Letter 2



Please accept our warmest thanks for your past support of the Springfield choir. As you know, the choir must rely on the generosity of patrons like you to sustain its cultural programs. Once again we are turning to our supporters for donations to finance our young singers’ European tour. They have worked hard to prepare several songs in French, German and Spanish, and are adding three new instrumental numbers to their repertoire.


The choir members and their parents are sponsoring their annual fund-raising barbecue on Saturday, May 3, at 6:00 p.m. in the Springfield Park. Many merchants have generously donated food supplies for the event, and others have made cash donations. We invite you and your family to join us again this year for good food and light entertainment. The suggested donation is $10 per person, but you may donate any amount you wish.


The tour benefits the young participants in many ways. They learn discipline, musical skills, and how to live in a shrinking world. After earlier choir trips some members have decided to go on to college and major in music. In short, the project benefits many. We hope to see you on Saturday. If you are unable to attend, but would still like to contribute, please use the enclosed stamped, self-addressed envelope.



Sample Letter 3



These are exciting times for Doe University. As you know, the University is growing. We now have an enrollment of 7,000 students, 2,000 more than we had just three years ago. Because of the tremendous growth we are experiencing, we are actively involved in a capital campaign to raise money to provide three new buildings.


The capital campaign is off to a great start. At this point more than $75 million has been donated toward the campaign priorities. In order to achieve our goal, it is imperative that our alumni step forward with vigor. The university is counting on us to bring our goal of funding the priorities to fruition, and I am confident we will rise to the challenge.


Our goal for alumni is 100% participation. I am confident we can count on your support. Please send in your donation in the enclosed self-addressed envelope. We look forward to your participation.



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