Write a sample report on a train robbery.

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Write a sample report on a train robbery.

Kanpur, March 28: A daring train robbery was committed yesterday in a sleepar class compartment of  Super Express between town-1 and town-2 at about 3 a.m. Most of the passengers were in sleep and some had just woken up. About four miscreants entered the compartment with deadly weapons and began to beat and plunder the passengers. Some passengers tried to resists them but to no avail. Two of them sustained serious injuries.

One of the passengers gathered courage and pulled the alarm chain. He train stopped somewhere at Town-3. But the dacoits had escaped before the train come to halt. The railway police was informed, but they came about one hour after the dacoits disappeared with the booties. Ornaments, wrist-watches, utensils and even clothes were snatched away from the old men and women. Many passengers were beaten and injured at the scuffle. The dacoits had ransacked the bags and baggages of all and created a scene of total disorder and confusion. No arrests have yet been made. The collusion of driver and the railway police is being suspected.

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