Zilla Parishad: Functions of Zilla Parishad

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Zilla Parishad: Functions of Zilla Parishad

Functions of Zilla Parishad

Zilla Parishad is located at the apex of the Panchayat system at the district level. It consists of the Chairman of the Panchayat Samities as ex-officio Members, M.L.As, M.P.s of the area. Representatives of women, scheduled castes and tribes, and backward class are co-opted as members.

The representatives of co-operative societies in the area like the co-operative central bank and marketing society are nominated to Zilla Parishad to act as official members. The chairman and Vice-chairman are elected by the Chairman of Panchayat Samities in the district.


The main functions of the Zilla Parishad may be categorized as Development, Civic, Welfare, Coordinative, Supervisory, Financial, and Advisory.

1. Developmental functions: The developmental function includes looking after developmental work in the district and secures the execution of developmental projects and other activities in the blocks under the district. The problems and difficulties arising out of the execution of the projects are discussed at the apex body which finds out ways and means to solve them through negotiation with the state government.

2. Civic activities: Construction and maintenance of public roads, bridges, culverts, parks, and water supply systems come under the civic activities of Zilla Parishad.

3. Welfare functions: Establishment of markets, running of public libraries, dispensaries, public health, and family planning centers, providing relief in times of calamities is some examples of its civil welfare activities.

4. Coordination: The Zilla Parishad also works as the chief coordinator of the activities of the Panchayat Samities at the block level. It is through the blocks that the districts prosper. Therefore the Zilla Parishads coordinate and consolidate the developmental projects in the block levels.

5. Financial functions: It has financial functions also. It examines and approves the budgets of the Panchayat Samities and distributors funds to them. It exercises financial control over the Panchayat Samities and the Village Panchayats.

6. Advisory functions: By virtue of working with the other two levels of the Panchayati System it is in a position to advise the state government about the activities to be taken up at the grass-root level. The advice offered to the state government in the right earnest can ever be hardly overlooked or neglected.

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